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Berkshire Holistic Therapy Welcomes You

Sally Grant, MBACP Integrative Therapist
Here to Support Individuals and Couples


"The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough."

Rabindranath Tagore

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All About Holistic Therapy

Everyone has their own unique, individual history, family, relationships, together with their own, worries, stress, and anxiety. Relationships are complex and challenging and we are in a period of transition with regard to gender and sexuality. This can be  daunting to deal with on your own. I believe that having a flexible approach to therapy and adapting my style to suit the needs of each client, will help to find internal calm and tranquillity. I am here to help couples who are having struggles, to facilitate a more harmonious relationship, whether it be to stay together or separate.

I am an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist supporting people who have stress, anxiety, depression and relationship issues.

I have been trained in integrative counselling for individuals and emotion focused counselling for couples (Complete Couples Advanced Training Certificate)



"I really didn't want to see a counsellor but needed to work through some personal and family issues. When I met Sally for the first time I knew she was the right person. She immediately created an environment where I felt able to express how I was feeling which, as a private person who is uncomfortable talking about my affairs, was very important. I found the sessions with Sally both invaluable and liberating. They have now ended and without a doubt I feel they have helped me to work through those issues and to find clarity."

"I have been meeting Sally on a 1:1 basis for past 8 months. I quickly felt comfortable talking to her. She talked to me about the different techniques she uses to ensure a person centered approach and to make our sessions work in the best possible way to support me to understand my feelings and ways to manage them. Sally is understandably patient and attentive. She has been able to help me make sense of things and reflected back some of the things I say in order for me to understand myself better."

“I have always found it hard to open up and talk about my feelings, even with family, and I can say confidentially that Sally listens so well and I found it so easy to talk to her from the first session. Sally uses different techniques to help you to open up, for instance using emotion cards that start the conversation, and this makes talking about things less scary! I am currently still in therapy but I can say for sure that I feel completely listened to and absolutely no judgement is given when talking to Sally. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel now and that is a very exciting prospect... thank you Sally!!!” 

“ Before going to the sessions I was very worrisome and was admittedly socially inept; however, Sally has given me a greater understanding of myself fundamentally and a more insight as to what is going on around me. It has been especially helpful with dealing with exam stress.
Anyway, thank you for all you have done”.

“Before starting sessions with Sally, it’s fair to say that I couldn’t really see how to or find an effective way in dealing with my feelings of anxiety and general ‘tenseness’. Having seen Sally on a regular basis for the past few months, she has helped and shared great techniques to enable me to gain further understanding of myself and reasons behind some of my issues. This has been challenging, but most definitely in a good way as I usually don’t enjoy having to talk about or focus on myself!The process continues, but I already see an improvement on my perspective, confidence and ability to deal with various situations. Thank you for your help so far Sally.”

"Thank you so much for the work you have done with me and my son. He has come such a long way, as have I. He seems so relaxed and happy. We have conversations and time spent together is such a joy. You've helped me to be more respectful of him and to allow him space when he needs. I'm a much better parent and person, for our time together and I've got back my lovely son. I'm profoundly grateful for all you've done for us Sally."

"I had a great experience with Sally. She was very helpful with the things I needed to sort out and deal with. I've definitely grown as a person as a result of her help. Definitely recommend her."

"Sally was a wonderful counsellor. We were in a toxic spiral of arguments when we first went to see Sally. Our marriage was in real trouble. Sally was kind, calm and practical. She made us reevaluate how we behaved and communicated with each other. She provided tools to help break the cycle of anger and discontent. She literally saved our marriage. I would fully recommend her."

"I have been attending 1:1 sessions with Sally since autumn 2019; Sally creates a relaxed and open-minded environment which helps you feel it is 'your space' to explore whatever may be coming to mind. Sally encourages flexibility, both through using different creative outlets/tools each session to help unlock contemplation, and also if the sessions take a different direction then that's OK too. I find the sessions very valuable, honest, and a key part of continuous development for my own mindset."

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Bespoke Individual and Couples Therapy

Understanding who you are and offering you therapy tailored to your needs.


  • Individual Counselling £65.

  • Couples Counselling £95.


Sessions are currently available face to face in Wokingham, |Online sessions also available.


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Wokingham, Windsor, Bracknell, Reading


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